Jim Neely - Nature Photography

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Photography has been a passion since the ripe old age of 6 when I got a box camera for my birthday.  I worked as a photographer for the school papers in junior high school, high school and college.

I worked my way through Amarillo (TX) High School and Amarillo College  in a commercial studio. I was a partner in a studio in Austin, TX before I decided I needed to support my family and started working with computers in the mid 1960s.

Nature photography has been a strong interest for many years and a burning passion since 2001 when digital imaging became an intense interest.

I became interested in photographing birds many years ago, but could never afford the lenses I desired.  Over the years I have acquired the desired equipment and now use Canon ® digital cameras and Canon ® lenses.

Adobe Photoshop® is my image editing tool of choice.

I have recently retired from the computer consulting business and am concentrating on nature photography as a vocation/avocation.

Jim Neely in Prescott AZ